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Contiki Apple II webserver

It's part of Contiki 1.3 for the Apple II.

the files that it serves are built into the webserver source.
there is no access to Prodos filesystem, so you can't load file
off disk to serve them.

to run it:  
copy webserver.dsc and webserver.prg to the contiki disk 1.  go to
the contiki menu, choose RUN PROGRAM.  type in name: WEBSERVER.PRG

what it does:
serves a web page

what you see on the apple II:
a list of files that were requested from the server

how to view a web page that it serves:
1)copy the IP number from DHCP
2)have your apple II on the net
3)type in the address the IP number (that you got from #1)

what will happen:
the apple II will serve the web page.  Your browser (on another computer)
will show the webpage.  The apple II will show which files have been requested