Huge Applecrate
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the above graphic was modified after taken from Michaels site ( See his site for more information about nadanet and applecrate.

The goal of this webpage is to collect enough apple II's to create an enormous AppleCrate network of Apple II computers.

I will volunteer for the following:

1)accept donations of apple II computers (motherboards only are appreciated)
2)connect the computers in a large NadaNet
3)host this machine, power it, and put it on the internet

1)get as many apple II motherboards as possible
2)build a huge NadaNet
3)use Contiki to put this network on the internet, for testing of parallel computing projects using NadaNet

my email address is

please email if you are willing to donate:
1)apple II motherboards
2)components for the NadaNet connection
3)programming skill to get it on the net
4)programming skill to get some parallel applications running