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16 Bit IDE PCB

Here is a PCB I did for Stephane GUILLARD's 16bit IDE interface.

I had nothing to do with the creation of the schematic. I translated Stephane's schematics and logic diagrams into a PCB drawing. I have one printed out and need to do the final soldering before testing.

THIS IS NOT THE FINAL DRAWING. The bus logic is screwed up (due to my drawing) and will not work. I need to transfer the latest edition to my PC for uploading here. DO NOT PRINT THIS CIRCUIT BOARD. If you do, it will make a horrible frisbee, but maybe a good coaster. Burn a CDR and halfway through pull the plug on your UPS or power. That will make a sufficient coaster, and it creates some nice visual effects when in any light source.

I used some tricks to do the PCB. I have the ability to etch 2 sided boards, but its still hard as rock to route traces to where they have to go without running over things or going the LLLOOONNNGGG way around. This is my first 2 sided PCB ever tried to design, so laugh all you want. I'll get better at it and laugh myself! I chose to surface mount some of the DIP chips. Bend some of the pins up. Few of the DIP leads have holes through the board. They are easy to solder through the holes, or not. By not putting holes and surface mounting, I can sneak a trace under the board where the hole WOULD have been. Lots of leads on the DIPS are not used, so clipping them gave alot more room to route. If you see anything wrong with placement/routing/trace lengths, etc, let me know. The BUS LOGIC portion of the below drawing is completely WRONG due to early revision. Some of the GLUE logic connections aren't made either. The drawing is rev3 out of 12. Very early. I've packed things closer and got all the connections right in rev12. This is just to look at. Get excited if you cant make a PCB and you'd like to try out Stephane's IDE interface. When I get the PCB layout good and easily etchable/drillable, I may offer PCBs for a small cost.

Theres pics of the power supply for the IDE drive.
Stephane GUILLARD's 16bit IDE interface page