8 bit Apple II 3-D game

check out David Schmenk's lo res 3-D game!

brendan DOT robert AT gmail DOT com posted on CSA2 in reply to the 8bit 3d thread, and shared a site that he created...

his site

he used a technique called Ray-casting to create a demo of a Lo-RES 3-d first person maze game.

This is formula Nibble, it can be found at: https://rich12345.tripod.com/racer/ It has smooth, fast animation. It is based on a track, so you cannot navigate your car off the track. I have all of the source code on a disk image. It is very interesting how the screen is drawn, how the track edges are drawn, etc. I think we could get some very useful code by studying the source.

This is Skyfox, it can be found on Asimov FTP site. It has a large viewing area, and the animation is fast, solid shapes. background is continuous graphic that scrolls left/right when you move your air-vehicle. 3-d effect is achieved with clouds (enlarge as you get closer, they also are drawn with perspective.) also with rocks on ground, enemies. They get bigger when you get closer (increase in Y coordinate), and the X coordinate changes when they get closer. The game looks like there are different shapes for distance change. IE a far away rock is one shape, a close up rock is a different shape.

This is Wayout, it can be found on Asimov FTP site. It has a small viewing area, but the animation is smooth, fast, solid shapes. It runs very quickly on a 1mhz IIe, so there may be cycles to add enemies. Probably the best option to disassemble, as the maze format is already developed.

This is Stellar7, it can be found on Asimov FTP site. It has a large viewing area, the animation is smooth, fast, wireframe shapes, you can see through the shapes.

A few people on the Comp.sys.apple2 newsgroups have been interested
in programming a 3-D Wolfenstein type game.  Here is a place to start
gathering information, ideas, and code.


There have been many people who have shown
interest in an 8-bit 3-d game, similar to Wolf3D.

There are a bunch of us who'd like to see, play the game,
but it seems there are also a few programmers out there
that would be interested in coding this game.

I don't know if anyone has actually started gathering
information, 3-d techniques, source code, etc.

please send ideas to my email aiiadict@gmail.com, I'll add them to the


do we want indoor, maze type game?

or outdoor, walk around and shoot?
formula nibble would make a good starting point
for an outdoor shooter.

I think we should start looking for :

1)3-d games for the IIe that we could disassemble and
learn tricks from

2)3-d drawing tricks.  wireframe, solid shapes, color
fill, 3-d level representation, perhaps display of tiles
in 3d at any angle, rotation?

3)game concept.  run around and shoot enemies?
find treasure?  fight armies?

4)game AI....  enemies gotta be smart enough to shoot
at you when they see you!

5)how to represent enemies?  tiles?  Have code to scale
tiles to screen, or have multiple tiles in memory, each at
a different scale (IE, 0 "feet" away, 10 "feet" away, 20"feet" away)

In the past I've written games, completed all of the 
level sequence, enemy sequence, etc, but then stopped
the project because I don't like drawing all the graphics!

now I've got a way to snipe graphics from other games, so
drawing isn't a problem.

here is the graphics capture software:

I've also written some "AI" which could be used
to control the enemies. see:

the code searches a map for a cell with a specific value,
this could be searching for the cell with YOU (main character),
so the enemy can find you in the maze, walk towards you,  and
shoot at you.