A2 PCB plotter BETA

check it out online

horrible pic of the plotter

I coded a program to convert CAD program output to Anilam 
Crusader II compatible code...  This means I am now able to 
make PCB's more quickly and accurately using my CNC 
milling machine! .001" max error 

Plotting the art, printing,  and drilling work great. 

Here is a screen shot I did with AppleWin Apple IIe 
emulator.  I designed the program to use monochrome 
monitor because color is hard to use on the IIe.  
Shown above is the "splash screen" that comes up 
when you first load the program.  You can use the 
">" key to go to the next tool, use the joystick 
to move your cursor, and the joystick button to 
activate the tool.  Tools include traces, holes, 
DIP's, transistors, resistors, etc.  The ruler on 
top and left of the screen are in CM, and correspond 
almost exactly to the correct measurement on the 

Drill works now!

I got the drill to work. I am using washers for bearings and I need to get some small bearings. I used a 3055 transistor for controlling the drill motor from the parallel port. Send the command "move to x,y" to the plotter, then "draw line to x,y" to get the pen down on the copper. I drilled out the pen and put the motor and drillbit inside the pen case. I then send a command to the parallel card and the drill spins. I replaced the plotters metal table with plexiglass. A micro switch tells the computer when the hole is drilled.


***************** I'd like to add a conversion program that will take the data from one of the popular PC programs and convert it for use with my editor. ***************** Do you have any suggestions for what PC program I should add compatibility to? If it has auto-routing and the data-file format is known, it sounds good to me. Do you want to design PCB's on your Apple II? I plan on distributing the editor software (maybe for some cash) so you can design PCB's and send me the drawing Data and I will etch the board for you. I can do double sided drilled boards. Send me an email if interested! I have the following FEATURES working: add the following to drawings: holes, traces (3 thicknesses, for data, power, etc) (any DIP, SIP, or "standard" component DIP chips resistors, capacitors, transistors Apple BUS connector print (lets you print on board after etch) program features: save load memory status print to grappler (not for etching), for paper copy of drawing switch between MiliMeter and HGR coordinate scale changeable magnification and movement scale hideable ruler switch tools I have the scaling working within .02mm when it plots. Next to add: * spreadsheet type editor to edit individual items "next item", "previous item", "edit item", "erase item * ??surface mount?? (easily done, but I haven't worked with surface mount components yet) * XDRAW of traces... is there a way to xdraw a line from x1,y1 to x2,y2 ? I recall an article in Nibble called ZOT... The ultimate Xdraw shape. It was a single dot I think, and you could turn it into a line by increasing SCALE and even change the length and angle of the line. I'll need to search through the stack. Please send Apple Plotter programming information to: aiiadict@hotmail.calm (replace the obvious with .com) I haven't decided if this program will be distributed yet. I want to do something similar to ExpressPCB. Below is a link to a previous version of the program. There are bugs so watch out. ? for help once you run it! Requires 128k and a joystick. Monochrome Monitor if you want it to display correct (green screen Apple monitor works best) Download DEMO! REQUIREMENT: If you download, send an email here : Email me and give me comments and suggestions. You can stick **any** component, holes in the board, lay traces, add print with a few fonts, and design your own templates for other components. The program now works with any size drawing, and you can zoom in and out with the magnify option. The coordinates of the components holes and the start/end points of the traces are stored in memory, and a subroutine draws them on thescreen. Auto routing works now. If you have information about how to program the Apple Plotter, I would appreciate it. This is probably the most common apple II plotter (is it??) If you have any other type of plotter for the apple II and you would like to be able to plot PCB's, send me the plotter programming manual in email and I may add compatibility to it once I get mine working. If you have an Apple Plotter and have the manual, I'd appreciate it if you would send me the programming info. The plotter I have is not Apple. I don't know if plotter control is standardized. My goal is to have a complete Apple II PCB etching system. I built a plexi glass tank with a cover for the ferric chloride. Its got a heater and toyota windshield sprayer motor to spray the board. I want to add a small conveyor from the plotter to the tank so I can plot a board, have it automatically drill it, and then dump the board into the tank and time the etch. I got the idea from a friend I met in college. He's got a PCB setup with the apple II. He plots to some sort of plotter (I don't know brand), and sticks the board in the tank. His program would allow larger than one HGR screen drawing, but the edit program was hard to work with (no scrolling, you could just go to the next HGR screen over). I am improving on his ideas and building my own. See the other page on my Logic Simulator You might ask, Why? I have Apple II's sitting here doing nothing. One is a Robot so it does something. My IIgs I use alot. I have an Apple II monitoring the generator (can you say alternative enery source?). Now I want one to etch PCBs for me, and be able to test logic circuits on it also. Email me Rich rich12345.tripod.com