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 The disk image.  This is a RARed DSK image.  Use WINRAR to decompress
 The disk image HIGH RESOLUTION.  This is a ZIPped DSK image.  Use WINzip to decompress

play it online

play it online HIGH RESOLUTION

This is something I've been playing with during lunch breaks at work.. type in world1.1 as the level to load controls: Q=UP A=stop Z= down closed apple = JUMP (right ALT in applewin) Gravity, and the entire world is out of phase by 90 degrees, because I used the built in text screen scroller. The goal is to make a %100 BASIC Super Mario Bros. game. not planned on being supported are: background sprites What works: walking, jumping, collision detection (KIND OF), level editor, level scrolling. you can only jump from a standstill. I know how to make it work, haven't done it yet. To do: fix physics. Add enemies. Detect collisions with : enemies, power ups, coins, presence of pipes below mario when he pushes LEFT, changing marios coordinates when he is on a moving platform.

I prototyped Super Mario Brothers in BASIC. I figured out the game logic is very simple. So now I need to work on getting the Hires tile-engine running ..... Update, Antoine had a good idea to scroll the screen 1 byte at a time. Saves me alot of coding to get this prototype running.
MMphosis posted a cool bit of code to draw mario on the hi-res screen in color:

0 H = 2:V = 2:M = 130:N = 70
1 HGR : HCOLOR= 6: HPLOT 0,0
2 CALL 62454: FOR Y = 0 TO 191
3 READ A$:L = LEN (A$):X = 0
4 IF L = 0 THEN 80
5 B = Y * V + N: FOR I = 1 TO L
6 C$ = MID$ (A$,I,1)
7 P = X * H + M:E = P + H - 1
10 IF C$ = "." THEN 70
20 IF C$ = "O" THEN HCOLOR= 5
30 IF C$ = ";" THEN HCOLOR= 4
40 IF C$ = "@" THEN HCOLOR= 7
50 FOR Z = B TO B + V - 1
70 X = X + 1: NEXT I,Y
84 DATA....;;;@@;@@
86 DATA...;@;@@@;@@@@
88 DATA...;@;;@@@;@@@@
90 DATA...;;@@@@;;;;;
92 DATA.....@@@@@@@@
94 DATA....;;;O;;;
96 DATA...;;;;O;;;
98 DATA.@;;;;OO;;;,@@@;;OO@OO
102 DATA..;;;;,..;;;, 

A screenshot of the drawing and scrolling code working with the BASIC MARIO level format!
I didn't change anything... I just wrote a parser in BASIC to cycle through the level tiles, and
display them on screen. So I have world1.1 to world1.4 entered, and have 4 levels to play once
I get it all working...
In the upper right is the same screenshot of SuperMario Bros. running
on NES:

I've been stuck in Mario Land!