shootem up


play demo online screenshot of latest development. LEVEL sequence works level editor works level previewer works up to 10 enemies on screen at once. good framerate at 5 enemies on screen at once.. haven't tested a level with 10 enemies on screen yet enemies can be 1 of 16 enemy types, move at different speeds it is all running good... I wish the applewin emulator had source level debugging :-) would have sped the project up quite a bit. I ended up programming small utilities to debug the program. Levels can be unlimited in length... (no limit to length of enemy sequence) I have "hit" detection working on the gun, shooting ammo shape gives you more ammo, letting enemies stay on screen too long allows them to shoot at you, and you lose energy.. no energy bonuses yet. todo? -color? -enemy death animation sequences -credits -convert more graphics todo: non destructive bullets (dont erase background) I haven't had time to test if the wait4vbl routine makes a difference, but: playing with lightgun works. press open apple or closed apple to pull the trigger (you need a nintendo or sega light gun for it to work, but press the button anyway :-) ammo indicator works open apple (light detect) closed apple (gun trigger) p pause having lots of fun. it seems you could squeeze in some sound between video frames, or maybe during.... sound with mockingboard or other sound card would be easy more graphics and enemy types to be added tomorrow: pop up extra ammo extra health extra keyboard ammo keyboard ammo indicator enemies shoot health reduction when shot NEW : I "captured" some more enemy shapes and backgrounds! tomorrow I add code to cycle through the enemies, and an editor to create enemy progression Rich