Apple II disk transfer serice

   Do you have some apple II disks that you would like to
access, but no apple II, or no way to transfer the files to
a PC, MAC, or other computer?

   I can transfer the following types of media to a PC or Mac:

1) 5.25 floppy disk (prodos, dos3.3, cp/m)
2) 3.5 disk (prodos, unidos, etc)
3) 100mb zip disk 
4) SCSI hard drive

  There is the option of convertintg the files on your disks into 
Text files, for use with PC or Mac software.  You can choose to 
receive them by email or on a CD.

If you are just getting into Apple II computing, I can also put DSK
images on real 5 1/4" disks..  for use in a disk II drive.

 email for rates