Soft Switches and Status Indicators
CLR80STORE=$C000 ;80STORE Off- disable 80-column memory mapping (Write) 
SET80STORE=$C001 ;80STORE On- enable 80-column memory mapping (WR-only) 
CLRAUXRD = $C002 ;read from main 48K (WR-only)
SETAUXRD = $C003 ;read from aux/alt 48K (WR-only)
CLRAUXWR = $C004 ;write to main 48K (WR-only)
SETAUXWR = $C005 ;write to aux/alt 48K (WR-only)
CLRCXROM = $C006 ;use ROM on cards (WR-only)
SETCXROM = $C007 ;use internal ROM (WR-only)
CLRAUXZP = $C008 ;use main zero page, stack, & LC (WR-only)
SETAUXZP = $C009 ;use alt zero page, stack, & LC (WR-only)
CLRC3ROM = $C00A ;use internal Slot 3 ROM (WR-only)
SETC3ROM = $C00B ;use external Slot 3 ROM (WR-only)
CLR80VID = $C00C ;disable 80-column display mode (WR-only)
SET80VID = $C00D ;enable 80-column display mode (WR-only)
CLRALTCH = $C00E ;use main char set- norm LC, Flash UC (WR-only) 
SETALTCH = $C00F ;use alt char set- norm inverse, LC; no Flash (WR-only) 
READROM  = $C082  ROM override
Bank 2 selection
RDWRTLC2  = $C083 Read RAM write RAM
READRAM2  = $C080 READ RAM no write
Bank 1 selection
RROMWRAM1 = C089  ReadROM Write RAM
RDWRTLC1  = C08B  Read RAM write RAM
READRAM1  = C088  Read RAM no write
AUXMOVE = $C311 
Bit seven of these Read Status locations is 1 if the condition is true 
RDLCBNK2 =  $C011 ;reading from LC bank $Dx 2
RDLCRAM  =  $C012 ;reading from LC RAM
RDRAMRD  =  $C013 ;reading from aux/alt 48K
RDRAMWR  =  $C014 ;writing to aux/alt 48K
RDCXROM  =  $C015 ;using internal Slot ROM
RDAUXZP  =  $C016 ;using Slot zero page, stack, & LC
RDC3ROM  =  $C017 ;using external (Slot) C3 ROM
RD80COL  =  $C018 ;80STORE is On- using 80-column memory mapping
RDVBLBAR =  $C019 ;not VBL (VBL signal low)
RDTEXT   =  $C01A ;using text mode
RDMIXED  =  $C01B ;using mixed mode
RDPAGE2  =  $C01C ;using text/graphics page2
RDHIRES  =  $C01D ;using Hi-res graphics mode
RDALTCH  =  $C01E ;using alternate character set
RD80VID  =  $C01F ;using 80-column display mode
TAPEOUT  =  $C020 ;toggle the cassette output.
SPEAKER  =  $C030 ;toggle speaker diaphragm