Cauzin Softstrip Reader

What are those pages of dots and dashes in Nibble magazine?

download a strip (zipped BMP)

Ever look in Nibble magazine and wonder what those pages of dots and dashes were?  They are Cauzin Softstrips!  You stick them in the reader and the apple II reads the program off the paper and stores them on disk!  It works great!  It reads the strips suprisingly fast.  They advertised it as a 'cross platform' transfer method.  sounds like going to your elbo to scratch your A$$ if you ask me.  Neat hardware!  I do think it is a good way to enter the type in programs in the magazines.  I guess they don't do that kind of stuff anymore.  The accessory kit came with a program to print out your own Softstrips.  You have to plug in and connect the included AC adaptor, connect the cables to the Apple II, stick the softstrip in the reader, and run the Apple II software on 5 1/4 disk.  The reader is basically a very small 'flatbed' scanner.  You could probably hack a program to get really horrible scans of pictures with it.

Here's some pictures!  Enjoy.  Please email me and tell me what you think.  I have all of the parts necessary to run the Softstrip reader, including several softstrips, *several* Nibble Magazines with Softstrips in them, and everything works great.  I may consider selling or trading this item.
EMAIL ME if you have any offers or comments.

Accessory kit box
includes : disks specific to Apple II (driver software)
Manuals, Lots of softstrips


Connector:  This is THE only hardware that I've ever seen
that plugs into the CASSETTE port!  Do you know of any
other Hardware that utilized the cassette port?
EMAIL ME   and let me know!  The cable
includes IN and OUT connectors to plug into the
cassette IN and OUT ports on the Apple IIe, and the
connector which looks like a phone jack which connects
to the Softstrip reader.

Sticker on top of box



Top of Box1

Top of box2 (with glare)

Top of box Small

Back of main box



Shipping box

Shipping Box 2