Technical Reference CD page

I have this great CD available for sale. A must for any apple II programmers or hardware developers library! PC format CDROM. Some files are PDFs, some scans are just groups of Bitmaps. 12 books on prodos, assembly language programming, technical reference etc. Apple II. hardware, interfacing, hacks, assembly language, 6502, high speed graphics, circuit description and analysis. Included on CD: Understanding the IIe Jim Sather everything you need to know about the apple II Graphically Speaking by Mark Pelczarski Apple II graphics programming boox Assembly Lines The Book By Roger Wagner 6502 assembly tutor book Apple Interfacing Jonathan Titus David Larson Chris Titus how to make your own interface cards Robot Arm Projects for the Apple II By Blakenship only some of the chapters (the ones on software and hardware control, not building the arm) Apple II reference manual Apple II applesoft basic reference manual Apple Monitors Peeled Beneath Prodos Beneath Prodos Supplements 1-3 Prodos Technical Reference Manual email