Sinclair z80 Co-processor page

The Sinclair has 8k ROM of BASIC and basic I/O routines, 2K RAM 
(expandable using hacks published on the internet), a Z80 processor
It has a keyboard connector (screw the keyboard that is installed!), 
VIDEO OUT, will run with a few batteries, has TAPE IN and TAPE OUT 
connectors, and a connector that gives you access to ALOT of the 
CPU pins (address lines, data lines, etc).

You can run this computer from 4 C batteries.  It was free,
it runs on very little power, is easy to hook stuff up to
the I/O connector, and easy to program.  Small too.

I moved all the hardware drivers out of the apple.  All the drivers do is
waste time and the Apple needs to pay attention to where it at on the

I send the Sinclair simple commands like "Forward 20" and it will move
the correct motors the correct distance.  

It will also generate interrupts for the multitasker he's using.