This page includes information about its hardware, software, functions. Send me an Email if you'd like to know more.

The graphic above shows the output of the autonomous - mapper program. On the left is the derived map, on the right is the simulated floorplan.

UPDATE: new software has been added for navigation. More accurate, more "intelligent" and efficient searches. Line detection for objects sensed by sonar. I'm doing more research and trying to use Gameboy camera to navigate.

links require windows PC and internet exploder: NEW january 2005: simulation, autoexplore

The robot now has a face and emotions

flood fill search for unexplored, backtrack look for origin both written in assembly for speed simulation of floorplan and robot movement in BASIC **********************************************8 **********************************************


I built and am continually improving a ROBOT based on an Apple IIe. His functions:

Robot. He is mounted on a base with 3 wheels. He is driven like a tank. To turn left, the wheels on the right turn forward, and the left wheels turn backwards. A caster is mounted on front. He's got a 64k Apple IIe motherboard for a controller. This includes a 1mhz 6502 CPU. Thats right. 64k. Thats kilobytes, not Megabytes. 64k is 1/16 of one megabyte. The processor runs at 1 Megahertz. No gigahertz. 1 Mhz of sheer computing power. The Apple II has the following cards: